Project #13051


Basement Renovation

Multi-Phase Project to Convert a Church to a Single Family Residence
Indian Head, Saskatchewan

Area: 1505 Sq.Ft. (Basement)

Completed: February 2014

This was a fairly involved project as we were converting a church basement into a home for the new owners.  As a space used as a community hall within the church, some amenities were provided for (plumbing), but others needed to be considered as we changed the occupancy from the hall to a home (laundry area, bedroom windows, etc.).  I even had to consult with the local building inspector as he found it odd that only the basement was being renovated to begin with.... he had concerns that the basement could be rented out in the future and we would be dealing with a non-conforming suite!

Most aspects of the basement living area came together quite well!  There was some significant work to accommodate the plumbing for the laundry, but nothing a little elbow grease and time couldn't manage!  It's a huge space that serves the client well.  The tile mosaic at the bath tub is absolutely amazing!  Props to the homeowners for that amazing display of creativity and workmanship!

As it is a relatively unique experience, the owners have blogged about their experiences with renovating and converting the church to a residence... Link to Blog

Some additional history on the former church... Link to History.

The greatest compliment I can receive is being called back by a homeowner to work on another one of their projects!  I am happy to say that I have been contacted to continue working on this renovation as the homeowners continue to convert this building into their home!

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