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  • Builder Magazine

    • 23 April 2017

    • The digital edition of Builder Magazine - The Products Guide!

  • Options in Decking Materials 

    • 22 April 2017

    • There's so much more to a #deck than just the finish.... but, an article on the choices in decking materials! 

  • Happy Anniversary!

    • 17 April 2017

    • Today marks 9 years in business for me!  I may have to look at a party next year when I hit the decade mark! :-)

  • Contest Winners!

    • 31 March 2017
    • Congratulations to our contest winners Alma & Rachel!  You have each won a pair of one-day entry passes to the Regina Spring Home Show!  Thank you to everyone who entered and shared the contest on social media!

  • March 2017 Contest

    • 29 March 2017​

    • A quick contest for entry into the Regina Spring Home Show... follow the link to enter!!  Contest link!

  • PST Rules for Home Design

    • 26 March 2017

    • I had to check up on the new PST rules for home design this past week.  Surprisingly, there was no change to how we move forward after the provincial government (I was betting we would have to begin charging PST!).  The Ministry of Finance answered my email rather quickly!  They explained that the status quo would be maintained for home designers... no PST is to be charged for our service, no PST for printed plans that accompany our services, but PST would still be applied for printing/copying as a separate service.